Monday, July 14, 2014

In the name of Madrassas!


Pakistan has been facing the problem of extremism; the essence of religion is added in Politics since ages. Especially, dictators and unpopular politicians have cashed the coin of religion to gain support of common citizens.

It is very interesting, if you use the name of religion then none can oppose, all actions become sacred even you are unable to raise voice for Human Rights to ask for preventing the misuse of blasphemy, it is a sign of extremism and intolerance.
There is no negotiation, if someone holds sword of religion. Unfortunate, Pakistan has had extremism which is promoting hatred and intolerance.

Eyes of Pakistan saw black chapter of Dictator Zia-ul-Haq who participated in Afghan War against Soviet, he diverted the purpose of war, increased extremism and planted seeds of Mujahideen to counter political will and maintained his illegal power in Pakistan. Dictator Zia had sent Mujahideen to Kashmir and the essence of religion turned into extremism since then Pakistan has become safe haven for Mujahideen.
We cannot deny that Zai’s children (Mujahideen) have been playing main role in state and promoting extremism. Including, Zai-ul-Haq was embroiled to promote Madrassas.

Question, which kind of shelter is for Extremists? Simple, Madrassas, which give them safe haven and they carry out terrorism. There is no check and balance on Madrassas, who is coming from and which is source of funding? Interesting, foreigners come and live in Madrassas, it is just not to live at Madrassas. Indeed, they are getting trainings and spoiling the minds of children, too.

Last time, when she returned Pakistan, she raised her voice against terrorists’ activities at Madrassas, on 23rd December, 2007 Ms. Bhutto said "Then there are the political madrasas, the political madrasas that teach their pupils how to make bombs, how to use rifles and how to kill women, children and the elderly, reported in Reuters.”  

Ms. Benazir Bhutto tried to keep in eye on the function of Madrassas but fragile government system could not maintain it. It shows who wants unregistered Madrassas which carry out activities of Taliban.
Though, Ms. Bhutto bravely upped voice and showed her concerns regarding Madrassas.

During Musharrraf’s dictatorship, extremism was growing instead of dwindling.
Let me clear, Musharraf had golden card of Taliban as Zia had Mujahideen.
Musharraf knew, Taliban issue would keep him in power, Taliban were growing and getting shelter under the shadow of Madrassa.
Now, this time Madrassas are being increased in large numbers in Sindh and Balochistan.

What is the reason behind it?
Madrassas are increasing day by day. We think, who is funding, how is it possible that Madrassas increase without someone’s permission and even these Madrassas are un-questionable.

Interesting, Government has less registration of Madrassas on its list; on the ground you can see the number of Madrassas.

Sindh (Sindh as a province of Pakistan) has message of Sufism and has ancient civilization of Moen-Jo-Daro that has had history of tolerance and peace. Hindus are indigenous people of this land. We have not seen difference among Sindhi Hindus and Sindhi Muslims.
None has had problem regarding religion. While, at some occasion sick minds (Extremists) tried to disturb peace of Sindh but strong faith in Sufism/Bhagti-ism and political will have failed them.

Musharraf’s Era played clever game and paved the safe path for extremists in the name of Madrassas.

Sindh has fragrance of Sufism but now, seeds of extremism are being planted through Madrassas.

Pakistan People’s Party ruled in pervious government, PPP which was in Federal had written to its own provincial government that “The federal government has asked the Sindh government to take immediate action against 1,813 madrassas  being run by banned organisations across the province, reported in 2011.”  Government did not take action and within two year another reported says “In a recent survey carried out by the Sindh Home Ministry, there are 12,545 madrassas in the province, of which 2,161 are sectarian and dangerous, reported in 2013.”

If government is worried about increasing of Madrassas then why has not taken action, yet?

We understand that Madrassas have political agendas; Sindh is wintnessing wave of extremism. For instance, In Chak incident four Hindu doctors were killed in Sindh, in 2011. After Chak incident, someone phoned and said me that do you know Madrassas have been developed in Sindh and you will see extremism. I denied and said “even they want to launch a company of extremism but they cannot destroy the Sufism of this land because it is rooted in land. Later, from 2012 to till now, around 18 Hindu girls have been kidnapped and converted to Islam in Sindh, “Indeed, these numbers of Hindu girls’ kidnapping are less because many stories are not reported as they should be, said Dr. Khatomal Jeewan MPA of PPP.”
Illegal and unregistered Madrassas have main role to increase extremism, role in conversion and spread hatred information of religion.

Unnamed source shared that “Madrassas have affiliation with extremists who trained Taliban; four factors are mainly involved those are Jamaat ul Dawam, Maulana Luhdianvi, Maulana Abdul Aziz and Jamiat ul Islam.”

Jamaat ul Dawa (Jamaat ul Dawa “is declared as Terrorist Organization”) claims, Jamaat ul Dawa is a welfare organization, if you see actions and Political gathering, all give you different message which won’t show that is a kind of welfare organization.
I tried to contact its PRO and wanted to know that what they are doing in Sindh. I talked to Ahmed Nadeem PRO in Sindh, he said, “JuD has no Madrassas but yes we have rare Madrassas which do not work largely but we do have schools around 46, our schools follow the syllabus of Government, though we keep focus on Islamic education.”

I think, Mr. Nadeem could not recall his leader Hafiz Saeed’s speeches which showed that JuD was following the line of extremism.

“Mr. Ramesh Kumar MNA of PMLN commented on increasing of Madrassas in Sindh, approximately 2000 unregistered Madrassas are being funtioned in Sindh. If you remember, when Hindu Temple was burnt in Larkana, Sindh, it was a result of unregistered Madrassas and schools which teach hatred education regarding religion. We do not know about their funding. We believe in religious harmony but some people are getting funding and promoting extremisms, said Mr. Ramesh Kumar MNA of PMLN.”

Federal and Provincial governments are silent on the issue of Madrassas, though Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah of Sindh issued a statement that “take serious notice of a number of madrassas being run without permission, and ordered officials to take action, reported in February, 2014.”

When I had approached to Mr. Sharjeel Memon Minister for information of Sindh, regarding Madrassas he didn’t respond. It shows that how much Sindh government is serious on the matter of illegal Madrassas.
Authorities are silent and incapable of adopting single strategy for Madrassas.

Raj Kumar (Activist) said influential political personality of Tharparkar, Sindh (on condition of anonymity), “We are helpless and have pressure to support them for developing Madrassas even we are afraid of such kind of development that where we will be standing in Future, quoted Raj Kumar the words of influential political personality.”

It means, in the name of Madrassas, Sindh can probably face horrendous consequences in future.

Why are Madrassas being increased in Sindh? Another thought tells, establishment wants to counter nationalists movement in Sindh and Balochistan, for they want to plant seeds of extremism for giving tough time to Nationalism. 
There is no doubt, extremism would disturb the situation of provinces and also the situation can turn into sectarian violence, minorities face problems, too.

Although most of Madrassas are funded by Saudi.

When I talked to “Dr. Khatomal Jeewan MPA of Sindh and asked him about Madrassas in Tharparkar, he said that we (Hindus and Muslims) both live peacefully even we both celebrate our religious ceremonies. Some people want to create mess in the name of extremism. He called a politician as Taliban Arbab Ghulam Rahim (Member of Assembly) when he returned from Dubai, at first he visited Madrassas in Tharparkar. Why he visited and what was his purpose? Mr. Khatomal quoted his speech that He called Hindus as a RAW agent. These people are spreading hatred in the name of religion.”

Politicians and activists all are aware of Madrassas, they know who is funding them but none is able to name.
Madrassas issue is not only a building with four walls but a place to be known that who is being educated and what is being trained at? It is an important.

Will Pakistan come out of its company of extremism? We ought to know that who is pressurizing regarding Madrassas and who is more powerful in Pakistan that none can refuse, even politicians?

Another game of extremism is going to be played in the name of Madrassas. Questions need to be answered, but who will?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cases of Hindu Temples need fair investigation


Sindhi Hindus have been facing trouble for a decade and nowadays Temples are being taken under spell of attacks. It is an official apathy of Sindh government that has proved to have been failed in protecting Hindu Temples. 

Though PPP had formed a committee to protect Hindu Temples, however; it does not seem to be active as it ought to be. On 28th May, 2014 Two Temples Shiv and Khoshal Por were attacked, these kinds of attacks are being made in Sindh.

Sindh government ought to initiate immediate actions against perpetrators. Actions by Sindh government are found less active.

Lately Sindh Police did mark a remarkable work that to arrest real culprits, Sindh police filed FIR against mentally disordered person who is not well. Does Sindh Police in mood either to solve or increase problems?

Police is incapable of arresting real culprits who destroyed a Hindu Temple on May 28, 2014 at Kot Ghulam Mohammad in Mirpurkhan, "police has arrested mentally ill person whose name is Lilo Kohli. 
Police is purposely closing the file and registering FIR against a person who is not said to be mentally fit, as reported." Even, In Larkana, Door of Temple was burnt and police is also not paying attention to that case. 

At least, Sindh Police should be candid while at least registering the case.
We approached to SSP (Mirpur Khas) as he was away from his office to comment on the case. Mr. Jan Muhammad was there who was holding his acting charge as SSP, he initially said that Lilo Kohli was mentally retarded man who could do any thing but after asking more about the case he vehemently refused to talk of it and told to contact SSP in the matter. It was found weird that at first he commented against the accused person and later refused to answer the more concerned queries about the attack on temple.

Sindh MPA Dr. Khatoomal said “Such cases and event are pre-planned but I can not comment on Mirpur Khas case because I was not present in Sindh when investigation was held.”

There is immediate need to take collaborating action between Sindh and Federal Government to prevent the spell of attacks on Hindu Temple and security of minority groups in Sindh. Currently situation is getting its worst phase of events in Pakistan

Friday, May 30, 2014

Report: The girl who lost her an eye and the official apathy of government


On Friday 23rd May, 5 years old girl Zahida Shahani was attacked and injured by a cleric with a lock for fetching water from a mosque in Rohri (Sindh).

Police has not been able to detain the perpetrator however police had filed FIR against victim family. Zahida is still under treatment in local hospital as she has lost her eye and is also deprived of proper care and treatment by doctors and their staff. While having telephonic conversation with Akhtiar Ahmad, her maternal uncle, he said that No one had helped them yet and Police had registered FIR against them.

He further said that Zahida had utterly lost her left eye and they were about to replace her defected eye with an artificial one in an attempt to sustain her beauty impression for all her life.

Whereas government have been found with quite indifferent attitude to the suffering of a girl and her family. Zahida’s relative Muhammad Ali had been detained by police and later was released after getting Rs. 30,000 (as bribe) at Rohri police station, said Akhtiar. An accused Molvi had warned Zahida’s family of banishing them from their residency. As police is also found supporting the assailant’s family. No human rights organization had either come at front for getting the criminal to the justice or to assist Zahida medically and financially for her treatment.

According to Agha Naeem Pathan SHO police officer Rohri Police station refuted the blame of receiving any amount for releasing Muhammad Ali. He reiterated that Zahida had fallen down that caused her eye-injury in mosque. On 28 May, 2014 Reporter (Veengas) approached to Ghulam Ali Jumani, (Police inspector and In-charge of Complain centre in DIG office) who inquires into the case, but it was astounding to know his complete obliviousness into the matter.   


On Friday 30 May, 2014 talked to Ghulam Ali Jumani  (Police inspector and In-charge of Complain centre in DIG office) said that yes, boy or molvi had injured an eye of Zahida Jumani and I would recommend that FIR ought to file against culprits. Unfortunate, FIR is still not registered against Molvi as it should be registered earlier. I visited to hospital and now, girl's an eye might better but no doubt, she has serous injury.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

No FIR in the case of Zahida Shahani…!


I have been following the cases of victimization, each story has as same as ending nothing news. Poor families are facing injustice in the name of religion and dis-honor (known as Honor).

Government and Policemen both have had extensive record to ignore cases of victimization. Probably, government is very busy in solving the problems of citizens and we people are talking of the fabricated news but if we have eyes and heart in our body and soul that feel the pain of innocent people, then kindly look at the picture of little girl whose name is Zahida Shahani, 5years old, lives in Rohri city of Sindh.
Zahid and his father. Photo credit: Daily Ibrat newspaper

Zahida Shahani ~ Photo credit: Local newspaper
What is matter, Zahida has taken place in media of Sindh? Zahida Shahani’s news came up to media that a molvi had injured an eye of the girl who was fetching water from Mosque.

I talked to Akhtiar Ahmed Shahani who is maternal uncle of Zahida. When I phoned him, he started speaking in Sindhi and complaining that “They (Police officers) are doing totally injustice to us. We have left our home because police was helping a Molvi and his son. We are afraid of them. There is no justice for us. We live in Jungle which is far away from our home.”

His voice was in tears and pain that our ladies and one boy who is youngest, they all are with Zahida.

“In our area, water is not coming and due to shortage of water. Many people get water from Mosque and Molvi sells the water. Our daughter entered into Mosque to get some water, indeed I was also there along with three people. Molvi’s son who works in Mosque, he threw a lock at Zahida’s eye then we rushed to mosque. I took Zahida to hospital for medical treatment and doctor asked us to take her Chandica Hospital and register FIR.” Said Akhtiar Ahmed.

He also complained that Molvi should have spoken us that your girl tried to get water from Mosque and we would stop her for next time but she is a little girl. Is it justice that he injured her eye? Now, she would suffer her whole life.

He continued and said that if Zahid had not lost her an eye, we would have forgiven them. Sukkur doctors said, Eye has been lost. Civil hospital is not giving proper medical treatment and nor paying attention to Zahid’s condition because we are very poor people that doctors have no such care about us! he said.

We are labourer and earning 500 to 600 hundred rupees at daily wages, we are very poor that’s why police is supporting Molvi and threatening us.  Our girl is suffering; we are unable to register our complaint in police. He further said that I beg to government to do the justice with us.”

This is not a new story; we all know and understand that what has been happing at Madrassas and activities of Molvis. A Girl Muqadas, she was raped and killed by Molvi, in April, 2014 though rapist molvi has been arrested.

Why doesn't government adopt its own leader Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s policy whose first tenure introduced the police regarding Madrassas and stopped an entry of foreigners at Madrassas.

Unfortunate, Sindh government is incapable of introducing such kind of bold policies, nor able to order police that at least, they must register single F-I-R. Do people have no right to file FIR?

Zahid has lost her an eye and Molvi is freely walking in society. Who is guilty and who is an innocent and victim? We know but we all have become insensitive that cannot feel the sorrow of Zahida.

In fact, FIR should be registered against this society and government that have not risen for victimized people.

Zahida shahani, lives in a country where culprits walk freely and victims suffer.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Comment - Imran Khan says Politics of Sindh has no Din & Iman

عمران خان نے کیا سندھ دیکھی ہے؟
سندھ کی سیاست کا ایمان
مجھ سے کچھ برس پہلے کسی نے سوال پوچھا تھا کہ سندھ کو کسے دیکھا جا سکتا ہے؟ بظاہر سوال آسان سا تھا شاید مشکل لیکن میں جواب نہ دے سکی۔ میں نے کچھ دیر رکھ کے جواب دیا کے سندھ کو دیکھنے کے لیئے آپ کے دل میں درد اور عشق ہونا چاہئے۔
سندھ جو درد اور عشق کا میلاپ ہے۔ ہاں سندھ کو سمجھنے کے لیئے شاھ سائیں کی آنکھیں چاہئے جس نے سندھ کی معصومیت، پیار، قربانی دینا، سسئی کی طرح نگے پاؤں اپنے محبوب کی تلاش میں نکلنا، اور مارئی کی طرح بادشاھ کو بھی انکار کر دتی ہے جو اپنے کچے گھر اور اپنے لوگوں کو یاد کرتی ہے۔
سندھ کو سمجھنا ہے تو سندھ کے دل پہ ہاتھ رکھ کے دیکھو جس کے اندر درد اور دل میں پیار ہے۔ سندھ کو کسی نے دیکھا نہی ہے جو سندھ
 کے خلاف الفاظ استعمال کرتے ہیں، لیکن سندھ خاموش رہی ۔ سندھ کو الگ کرنے کے الفاظ استعمال ہوئے، لیکن سندھ نے کچھ نہی کہاں۔
کیوں کو سندھ کی سیاسی سمجھ ابھی بھی زندھ ہے وہ سمجھ تے ہیں کے سندھ کیا ہے! لیکن ہمارے پیارے پاکستان میں کچھ سیاستدان ایسے بھی ہیں جن کو سندھ کا علم نہی ۔ سندھ کو وہ اپنے پارٹی میمبرز کی آنکھ سے دیکھتے ہیں۔ سندھ شاھ محمد قریشی کی جاگیر تو نہی ہے جو عمران خان نے سندھ کے لیئے کہا کہ "سندھ کی سیاست میں دین اور ایمان نہی۔ سندھ میں صرف مفاد پرستی والی سیاست ہو رہی ہے۔"  گر مسٹر خان صاحب پاکستان کے اقتداری  سیاست کی بات کرتے تو بات سمجھ میں آتی مگر سندھ کی بات کی ہے۔
سیاستدان آپس میں لفظون کی جنگ کرتے رہتے ہیں۔ ہم سمجھ تے ہیں کے یہ سیاست کا حصا ہے دو جواب ۔ لو جواب۔۔۔!!!
پر اس میں سندھ کو کیوں گھسیٹا گیا؟! عمران خان سندھ کے سیاسی دین اور ایمان کے بات کرتا ہے تو وہ سُن لئے کہ سندھ کا جمھوری ایمان ہی تھا جب سندھ نے آمر مشرف کے ریفرنڈم کو انکار کیا لیکن مسٹر خان کی طرح مشرف کے ریفرنڈم کو سپورٹ نہی کیا۔ سندھ کا سیاسی ایمان یہ تھا کے سندھ نے اک بار پھر پنڈی سے شھید بینظیر بھٹو کی لاش وصول کی، لیکن پھر بھی جمہوریت کے لئیے ووٹ دیا۔
شھید بینظیر بھٹو اور اس کے بھائیوں نے  آمریت کے خلاف لڑے لیکن سمجھوتا نہی کیا۔ سندھ جو ہر آمریت کے خلاف لڑی ہے۔ سندھ کے کاندھوں پہ بہت سے جنازے ہیں۔
عمران خان کو شاید سندھ کے سیاست کا پتا نہی کہ سندھ کا پاکستان کی سیاست میں کیا کردار ہے۔ عمران خان اپنے اندر جھاتی پاکر دیکھنے کا کشٹ اُٹھائینگے کہ ان کے اپنے پارٹی میں کہا تھا کہ وہ پارٹی بدلنے والوں کو نہی لیئنے گے۔ لیکن ان کی پارٹی میں سارے کے سارے  لیڈر دوسری پارٹیوں سے آئے ہوئے ہیں۔ سیاست میں جملوں کی بڑی اہمیت ہوتی ہے اس لیئے بات وہ کرو جس پر کل آپ کو شرمندہ نہ ہونا پڑے۔
عمران خان سندھ میں مفاد پرستی کی سیاست کی بات کی ہے۔ کبھی عمران خان نے ماما قدیر بلوچ کی لانگ مارچ  پہ  کچھ کہاں؟ لیکن سندھ نے ماما قدیر بلوچ کو ہر جگہہ ویلکم کیا۔ جب کے مسٹر عمران خان، طالبان کے لیئے پریشان رہتے ہیں اتنا تو خود طالبان بھی اپنے لیئے پریشان نہی ہوتے ہونگے جتنا عمران خان ہے۔
سندھ کی سیاست کا کو دین و ایمان نہی! عمران خان نے سندھ کو دیکھا بھی ہے کہ سندھ میں کتنے لوگوں نے سیاست کی راہ میں اپنی زندگی کی قربانیاں دی ہے۔ آج عمران خان گر خیبرپختونخواہ کے اقتدار میں بھیٹا ہے تو یے جمہوریت شہید محترمہ بینظیر بھٹو کی قربانی سے آئی ہے۔ اس ملک میں آمریت کو للکار سندھ دھرتی سے ہوئی ہے۔
اور عمران خان سندھ کو کہے رہے ہیں کہ سندھ کی سیاست کا کوئی دین و ایمان نہی۔ کچھ لوگوں کو عمران خان کے الفاظ غیر اخلاقی نا لگے لیکن عمران خان نے سندھ کی سیاست پہ غیر اخلاقی الفاظ استعمال کئیے ہیں۔
ہر لفظ کی اہمیت ہوتی ہے اور ہر لفظ اپنے آپ میں وزن رکھتا ہے۔ ھر وقت سندھ کے خلاف غیر اخلاقی الفاظ استعمال کیئے جاتے ہیں۔

سندھ کی سیاست کتنی درد سے بھری پڑی ہے جس نے اپنے کاندھوں پہ اپنے لیڈرز کی لاشیں اوٹھائی ہو جو ماتم میں ہو ان کو کہتے ہو کے تم کیا جانو درد کیا ہے؟ ماتم والوں سے کہتے ہو درد کیا ہے۔۔۔! اور عمران خان سندھ کی سیاست پہ کہتا ہے دین و ایمان نہی۔۔۔لیکن سندھ نے نہی کہا کے عمران خان تم کہتے ہوں دین و ایمان کی بات!!! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Report: Hindu temples under threats in Sindh!

Veengas F.P. Report

On 15th March, 2014 peace of Larkana city was set on fire by extremists and extremists also torched the dhramshaala and splintered idols (murtees) of lord. Sindh government promised that they would help Hindu to renovate Dharmshaala and assured such kind of incident would not happen in future. 
Although Malik Riaz Builder is sole responsible for vandalizing the Mahadev Temple in Karachi. We have already exclusively reported on "Bharia Town bulldozers vandalize the Hindu temple in The Frontier Post."

After Larkana incident, on 28th March, 2014 Kaali Maata Temple was torched and Lord Hanoman Idol was destroyed. Kaali Maata Temple is one of the oldest temples and Sindh's greatest Sufi Poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was said to have often visited over there. FIR was filed against unknown persons who came and set the temple on fire and annihilated the Kaali Maata Temple.

After the incidents of Larkana and Kaali Maata Temples that were just filed in the FIRs, in Thar near Diplo Town's village of Vehrijhup on 30th March, 2014 oldest Shree Parbrahm Ashram was also collapsed by extremists. General Sectary of All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat Ravi Dawani said on incident of Thar Temple that after Babri Masjid, those cases had started happening again. Parbrahm Temple was oldest Temple and they (Hindu) believed that Parbrahm was the shadow of Lord Shiv. They were worried that why it had happened; such cases had been taking place subsequently. 

Ramesh Gopta social activist said, "It is very strange to us that why these incidents were happening in Sindh. If we had problems with other persons then we could have understood that squabble is provoked that causing incidents. In case of Temples, some people came, burned and destroy Temples and fled away easily. Common citizens know that who could be behind such kind of incidents." 

Sindh Governments have taken of notices and FIRs have been filed against unknown and known people but actions still need to be taken against culprit minds that caused harm to ancient Temples and grave threat to Hindu Temples started, if government merely takes notice of incidents and remain in sloth to take pragmatic actions then situation further can be worst.

Original Link of report: Hindu Temples under threats in Sindh! published in The Frontier Post English Newspaper, on April/1st/2014